Mini-review: After the Education Wars by Andrea Gabor

Andrea Gabor’s 2018 educational case study argues for a set of reforms that are a far cry from the approaches of most big-money charter schools. She advocates for schools driven by “small-d democracy”—low-level reforms driven by students, parents, and teachers on a classroom’s front lines, enabled by schools that are granted a high of independence by governing bodies in exchange for increased accountability. To make this argument, she takes us on a national tour through four exemplar approaches: To New York City, where MacArthur Genius Debbie Meier founded the small schools movement that transformed behemoth school buildings into amalgams of schools-within-schools designed to have less bureaucracy and more flexibility; to Brockton, Massachusetts, where a languishing school district is revived via process iteration by local reformers; to the Leander School District outside of Austin where a superintendent studies W. [Read More]

Books I read in 2018

2018 was a good reading year for me, in part because I traveled for two months out of the year, allowing me ample face-in-Kindle time. Now, a log of what I read this year. The healthcare books Early this year, I became fascinated with America’s dysfunctional healthcare system and tried to build a mental map of the healthcare ecosystem. It’s a convoluted system, but all three books below are worth reading. [Read More]