Credit Without Risk: An Anti-Cancel Publishing Model

My friend was canceled recently. He’s a writer who published an article which was critical of the work of a beloved figure in the field. Hundreds of people responded to him over the internet, criticizing his intelligence and his appearance and saying that he should never work again. Cancel-Free Writing Getting canceled doesn’t seem like much fun at all. How might you, a writer on the internet, avoid it? One option is to never publish anything. [Read More]

Zen And The Art of Fixing My Sink

I might have thought this was just a peculiar attitude of theirs about motorcycles but discovered later that it extended to other things … Waiting for them to get going one morning in the kitchen I noticed the sink faucet was dripping and remembered that it was dripping the last time I was there before and that in fact it had been dripping as long as I could remember. I commented on it and John said he had tried to fix it with a new faucet washer but it hadn’t worked. [Read More]

A parable for the adversarial relationsihp between social networks and their users

Your day is divided into on-network and off-network instants. The off-network instants aren’t completely without utility: in some, you’re producing ideas and digital artifacts which will later become content (thanks!); in others, you’re earning the requisite dinero that keeps you in the coveted demographic of people with discretionary income (thanks again!). You want to keep the set of on-network instants small. You like the network (you grew up with it!), but come on. [Read More]

"I had confidence that I would catch the baby": 15 years ago, one of the finest columns ever written

Fifteen years ago today, Dan Barry published a piece in his About New York column that I consider some of the greatest 750 words of news-writing of all time. Give it a read on the NYT archives. I found this particular column linked on Twitter back in the early 2010s. I read it, was struck by its affect, then promptly lost track of it. A few years ago, I finally dug it back up and put it in my Permanent Set Of Very Important Bookmarks and ever since I’ve re-read it every few months. [Read More]